Renowned for its picturesque beauty and wonderful combination of prime pastoral holdings and premium vineyards, the Clare Valley now boasts a delightful range of value added food products.

A unique feature of the food produced in the region is the fact that Clare has producers making gourmet treats that can be found in Cellar Doors and local tourism outlets, as well as large farmers who are value adding to their products and selling them nationally.

Some of the terrific products we have available are free range chickens and eggs, organic flour and grains, chutney, jams, sauces, olives, olive oil, carob, whole grain pasta and organic lamb to name a few.

Clare Valley Cuisine is not all about the products but the whole food experience and many members of the group are restaurants and cafes who have made a commitment to serving local food on their menus.

The group have a strong focus on regionality so all members of the group must either grow or source their products regionally or if they are not commercially produced in the Clare area, the combined ingredients must be changed within the region. This is to protect the true use of the term “made in the Clare Valley”, and therefore supports the growth of the food industry within the region.

Clare Valley has superb quality produce and has the wonderful benefit of being internationally renowned for premium wine – all within a true rural environment.

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